Bike Servicing

At The Bike Hub Rhyl we offer the following bike servicing packages listed below. Please note an assessment of any bicycle will take place before committing to any work agreed. Please note you need to book your availability slot in to our busy workshop. Please don't hesitate to contact to discuss your needs.

Standard Service - £40.00

An assessment of bicycle and general PDI.  The standard service includes a general check over and lubrication of the bicycles chain.  Adjusting and setting of both gears and brakes. The checking and tightening of all nuts and bolts. Inflating tyres to correct psi. Please note: £40.00 is labour costs only. Any parts required are at extra costs to customer.

Elite Service - £80.00

A more comprehensive service which includes the assessment and PDI of the standard service. Also an inspection for damage / wear of your bicycles transmission and chain.  A general lubrication of the chain. The setting of both gears and brakes. Truing of both bicycle wheels. Replacing both inner and outer cables for gears and brakes within the cost.  The cost also includes labour if any parts need to be replaced such as transmission after inspection and advice.  Please note: £80.00 is labour costs and cables only. Any parts required are at an extra costs to customer.

Bosch ebike updates - £20.00

Bosch diagnostic and system updates now available in store. Please ring to discuss your needs and to book a workshop slot. Whilst having your updates why not add one of the above Services.